Sjoerd Jansen | Print ‘Rhino Rider’


Print, 40×50 cm.

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De maker
Sjoerd Jansen is afgestudeerd als illustrator aan AKV|St. Joost in Breda in 2014. Sindsdien is hij de wereld van illustratie en design gaan ontdekken met Studio Anti-held.

Anti-Held (meaning: anti-hero in english)
“An illustrator is someone who tells stories with images. I’ve always enjoyed stories about anti-heroes the most. Interesting and flawed protagonists really make a story work. I really enjoy creating semi realistic expressive illustrations that say something about the world we live in, by creating my own metaphors and symbolism. I’m fascinated with analog techniques and work with quite a few of them drawing, painting, screenprinting, woodcutting and etching. I love trying to combine some of these techniques and creating new kinds of images.”

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Afmetingen 40 × 50 cm