ANO Studio – Earring ‘Madge’


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lasercut perspex stud earrings

color: matte pink & sparkly mustard ochre

size: aprox 5 cm long

gold plated nickle free brass metal studs

Over de maker:

ANO Studio is a small design studio and online shop based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

All designs sprout from the head of Hannah Kay, the creative maker behind ANO.

Bold prints, jewellery, wall art and small accessories are what ANO is all about.

Colourful designs to make you happy, characterised by geometry, travel and exploration.

So ANO? What does it actually mean?

Ano in Japanese is a pronoun meaning ‘that thing over there’, in this case the Studio.

On top of that, ano あの can also be used to request someone’s attention, like you’re saying

“hello? Excuse me? Are you listening?” and so on.

So when you want to get yourself heard,

why not pop on some ANO Studio accessories to stand out.