Masterclass and art- and research assignment The New Canterbury Tales (deadline March 6th)

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Open call masterclass and art- and research assignment The New Canterbury Tales (deadline March 6th)

How do you envision the world in 2070 as an artist | designer? How do you transform stories of the future, based on interviews with experts, into interactive experiences? And most importantly, how do you start a dialogue with the inhabitants of the future and invite the audience to share their imaginations of that future? This project, called  The New Canterbury Tales  is a collaboration between Avans University, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Cambridge School of Art, Zerow (gaming) and KOP. In the project we focus on two important themes:

  • ‘Compassionate communities’
  • ‘Living with nature’

Does your practice relate to these subjects and do you feel the urgency to work on the possible situations we might encounter in the year 2070? Then sign up for the masterclasses The New Canterbury Tales.

During two days filled with workshops and masterclasses you will be submerged in the project. We will offer the tools to upgrade your research abilities to the next level and share this with your audience through the use of prototypes and probes. Finally, you will get a sneak peek at the research techniques used in the project to envision life in 2070.

From this masterclass, one participant will be selected to create art-based research in collaboration with an experienced artist.

The project is funded by Click-NL with a PPS bestowal from the Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate.

Want to sign up?

Send an email before the 6th of March, including the following information to

  • Description that includes your motivation and connection to this project in a maximum of  500 words
  • Portfolio, possibly supported by social media and/or website to promote/clarify your work
  • Your CV

What we offer:

A series of masterclasses in a diverse group (5th and 6th of April)

You will expand your network with fellow artists and interesting institutions. You will learn how to apply techniques such as immersive storytelling and future imagineering. Last but not least we will work with the two key points of the project; compassionate communities and living with nature.

A commissioned assignment with the following conditions:

  • Guidance through KOP, Avans and possibly other project partners
  • A fair practice fee and working budget
  • A collaboration with an experienced artist
  • Collaborations with different project partners
  • Promotions through the channels of KOP, Avans and possibly the other project partners

We are looking for:

  • You are a starting professional artist/designer (graduated a maximum of five years ago with an art or design education or with a demonstrable professional practice)
  • You want to grow as an artist and professional
  • You have a research-based attitude
  • You relate to the subjects mentioned in the open call and are able to translate abstractions into experiences
  • You enjoy an active collaboration with project partners and the public
  • We are looking for people that want, and are able to, work with interaction, in physical and/or digital form
  • You master the English language, writing and speaking in English is not a problem (since the project is international.)
  • Availability for the masterclasses on the 5th and 6th of April
  • Availability for a commissioned assignment between May and September

More information about the open call?

Don’t hesitate to contact Bjorn Roetman from KOP
+31 6 200 83 750


The process

The Masterclasses:

The two days of masterclasses will take place in connection with the process of The New Canterbury Tales project. The workshops will be given by participating institutions of the project and experienced artists. These workshops will focus on the skills that help the project and artists to grow.


A week after the masterclasses we will engage in conversation with the participants. We will discuss what intrigues the participating artists and from what approach/angle they would engage with the subject matter when continuing the project. You do not have to come up with a definite or final proposition; rather, we will have a conversation regarding your interest and fascination with the project.  Based on these conversations we will select an artist that receives a research-based assignment with a production budget and a fair practice fee.

The assignment/working period:

Together with an experienced artist, you will work on creating artistic research that includes prototypes and an actual presentation of the work. Think of planning, budget and a project plan, followed by the actual execution and presentation of the results. The aim is to truly create a project that belongs to both artists.


At the end of the period, the results and research will be presented in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum of Breda. The design and chosen form of the art-based research, translated into an actual presentation, is part of the assignment.

A bit more about the focus of the project


Compassionate communities:

How can we redefine and redesign our living environment if we take compassion as an important value and starting point, both in the way we treat each other and the world around us?

Living with nature:

How will we deal with nature in the future? Is nature completely at the service of man or are we entering a symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits? Should we treat nature as an entity in itself and how do we engage with it? Does nature have a voice of its own?

More background information on the project?

Don’t hesitate to contact Nina Kramer, project leader and initiator from Avans


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