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Foekje Fleur

After graduating in both Design and Fine Arts, Foekje Fleur found her way by making objects that are functional and yet, give space for thought. Her attractive and colorful designs seem playful at first sight but are in fact inspired by serious topics like environmental pollution. Foekje spends most of her time in the studio in Rotterdam working on new projects.


We all know dodos are super friendly with a bubbly personality! They welcomed everybody on their island! Be like the dodo, be positive and say yes to adventure in your life.

Wear this pin as a reminder to be naivly positive, to not always take the smart option, because who wants smart (BORING!!) when you can say yes to a potential new adventure, right? Ready to say ‘yes’? To a new storyplot, a new love or maybe even a ….. ring?  Wear this amulet-pin instead of screaming ‘I DO’ all the time. And let just hope it’s a not so stupid choice. (The dodois guaranteed animal testing-free).

De maker
Als Image de Julie maakt en verkoopt Julie van Zessen als sinds 2005 illustraties, kaarten, prenten en pins. Ze werkt vooral veel in collage, met uitstapjes naar zeefdrukken voor bijvoorbeeld kaarten en affiches voor aan de muur.  Haar werk oogt speels en is vol kleur en onalledaagse figuren, die ze ook graag inzet om een unieke geboortekaart te ontwerpen!